Tape Digitisation

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    Tape Cleaning

    Your tapes are checked and cleaned prior to digitisation. It's not uncommon to find mould on the tape, typically a result of storing in damp places. We use a specialist cleaning system that gently wipes away dust and mould to improve image quality during playback.

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    Your tape is played through our professional deck and into our capture system to optimise the output and quality before digitising. This includes upscaling to HD (if SD), noise reduction and a sound check.

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    Once we are happy with the output, we begin digitising your tape to our offline drive. We check it periodically to make sure everything is running smoothly. Check below for more detail on our setup.

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    Once your tapes have been digitised, we then edit out any old bits of TV and/or recording breaks, improve upon any audio level issues and then export into a playable MP4 video file ready for playback. A detailed service to maximise your enjoyment of your old recordings.

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